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Third-party Employment Verification Vendor

There are many companies opt for background screening agencies to conduct the pre-employment background verifications or to verify the details of currently working employees as well if they haven’t done for them earlier. Companies stores the employees’ data and let a background screening agency know and handle this to take care of the verification process. You can store the data of your employees and avail our third-party verification services to let us handle the verification process for you.

This way can save a lot of time to let the company’s top management focus on planning for further betterment of the business. This way can save a lot of time and money which can and get an efficient report as well from about the third party you have hired. Many people or organizations think that it can be easily done by anyone, but they are completely wrong here. Performing such cumbersome tasks is not that much easy for anyone, it requires specialists to manage it properly.

If you are allowing us to store and conduct a third-party introduction, you are allowing us to store the employee’s information which can be instantly accessible for persons who want this information for meaningful purposes. This verification allows companies to save time, efforts, and money wasted in conducting various verification checks for an employee or employers; such as employment history, work history, education checks, etc.

Call Script Creation

As every business have different services to offer with their own protocols. The target customer of every business is unique and we too create unique scripts for each of our clients. The same script won’t work for every business because of different services and customers. We prepare the scripts with the clients to make sure that it will fulfill the business requirements. This approach helps us create an efficient call script to target the right audience easily.

Security and Safety

Security and safety of documents, information, and important data are very important for every business and individual. To keep the information about our client’s business and every individual, we use modern tools and services to make sure that all information is safe and secure with us. We keep updating our systems to make sure that hackers and data stealers are away from our computers or servers. This is a great assurance of safety we are offering you to manage and store your data.

Multilanguage Support

Language is always a barrier for many individuals or companies sometimes. This is why we have removed the barrier of various languages. Our company has experts capable to speak in many languages to manage the requests of customers coming from different areas, states, and countries.

Vendor Screening

Vendor screening is also an important step that most companies easily forget. Our vendor screening services let the businesses know what you are doing in business. To keep your business running smoothly and maintain the top position in the industry, make sure to conduct vendor screening.

There are chances that your vendor may be a fraud or have criminal records that can ruin your company’s reputation amid customers.

Why it is important?

There is no guarantee of anyone today, only you are the reason for such success and failures. Great management of the company is also a part of business growth. So make sure to conduct a third-party background screening and verification services of the vendor.

We help you to hire the best vendors to conduct many background checks and verifications. We provide public record check as well to make sure the business growth. Feel free to contact us via email, website, or WhatsApp.

Supplier Screening

Supplier screening is also an important factor to look for while planning for business growth. We offer supplier screening services to our overseas clients as well. We check and analyze the market to check the reality of the suppliers and their chain of global products, services, and functions, etc.

We quickly go through and analyze all processes to make sure that you get the best vendor for your various needs. We have a perfect plan and strategy to make sure that every business and vendors are performing well.

Why Umalka?

Umalka has a team of expert highly trained, educated, and experienced team professionals. Our experts are capable of conducting various checks and screening with 100% authentic information. Feel free to let us know your requirements to get our best services at a very affordable price and quick turn-around time.

Feel free to call us at —- to ask for a free trial of your employees.