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We provide the most excellent and affordable background screening services to keep the fraud employees away from your work premises. Our background screening and verification services are beneficial for all types of companies including start-ups, SMEs, government companies, MNCs, large businesses, and individuals.

Our effective and robust background verification services help our clients to select the best employees for each position they are recruiting. The main aim of our solutions and services is to let brands and businesses work with genuine employees with a verified background. Our solution allows companies to hire the right candidate to improve business productivity and profits with their verified experiences and qualifications.

So, stop wasting time in the lengthy process of hiring and switch to the smart process of hiring today to hire best-verified employees. By choosing Umalka, companies are assured to get these benefits:

  • Get the best employees with verified employment history.
  • Hire the most genuine employees with verified criminal, education, and address verification checks.
  • Get real-time access to see the progress reports of verification.
  • Create a strong connection in the international area.
  • Streamline the recruitment process.
  • Saves time in hiring employees to focus more on the company’s growth.
  • Improved business productivity and profits.
  • Improve and stabilize your reputation in domestic as well as international markets.

Umalka’s Solutions

We have worked with several clients from various industry verticals. Our services allow them to hire the best employees with genuine experience and qualifications. Hiring employees with verified work history and experiences helped our clients to maximize their business productivity and profits. Let us introduce our various services to you below:

1. Employment verification

We are checking all the previous companies that the employee has mentioned in the CV to verify with all the companies. We are asking HR’s to confirm their joining and relieving dates, designation, salary, and many more things to make sure that our client hires the most genuine employee.

2. Address verification

We are checking the addresses mentioned by the employees to verify that whether the employee is a permanent resident of that address or a tenant. There are many more things we verify in address verification to make sure that our clients get the best report to hire the right candidate.

3. Education verification

Educational qualifications are very important to get the job you have applied as it determines your ability and knowledge to perform all the tasks associated with the designation. There are many candidates lying about their education or shows fake documents. That’s why we do education verification to check whether the candidate is qualified or providing fake documents to get the job.

4. Database check

We check global and domestic (country-wide) database checks to see whether the candidate is involved with any kind of fraudulent activity or not. If we find anything wrong, we will immediately notify the company in a detailed report.

5. Advance check

We are performing several checks in this service to make sure that you are hiring the best candidate. We do identity verification, identity validation, document verification, biometric authentication, and many more to conduct this check to make sure that you are hiring real and authentic candidates.

6. Drug verification

Every company wants to keep the work premises safe by preventing alcohol and drug usage in the workplace or premises. We conduct this check to find out whether an employee is taking drugs, alcohol, etc., or not so that companies can a good decision while hiring the candidate.

7. Criminal verification

To keep your work premises and employees safe, every company hires the best employees. In this service, we conduct a criminal records check of the employee to make sure that the candidate is not involved or undergoing any criminal offense or litigation.

8. CIBIL check

Checking CIBIL is also an important factor in many companies to see how responsible the employee is in managing financial responsibilities. We conduct CIBIL check of the candidate to share the extensive reports of credit history to help companies hire the best employees.

9. Reference check

References are very important to know the nature, character, and behavior of your employees. We provide the best reference check services to make sure that you are hiring the best employees to keep your work premises active, positive, and safe all the time.

10. Media search

We are conducting media and social media checks to see how responsible the candidate is on social media. Companies can make wise decisions according to our widespread reports.

11. Maid, cab driver, and housekeeping staff verification

To keep your homes and working areas safe from fraudulent activities performed by maids, cab drivers, and house-keeping staff; we perform widespread verifications of drivers, cab drivers, and housekeeping staff to make sure that you are hiring the best candidates for your home and office.

12. Third-party verification

Every company has its own requirement and we assure them by delivering that they want by our 3rd party verification service.


We have integrated the various leading HR and verification software. Our easy web-based system allows clients to submit their orders online along with the smooth tracking and downloading of the progress reports on time.

Our online software solutions make the work more effective and reliable by streamlining the entire process. Our online software enables you to monitor employee records in real-time. You receive real-time notifications as well when the reports are ready to view.

Get in touch with Umalka today by sending us an email at to schedule a free trial today. Avail of our most efficient and affordable background check and screening services to skyrocket your business productivity and profits.