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Advance check

Umalka is one of the most prominent and advanced background verification and screening companies in Delhi, NCR. We are known for providing affordable, efficient, and time-bound background check services to our country-wide clients.

We are providing advanced background check services to make sure that our clients hire the best employees to ensure the company’s growth in all the ways such as profits, deliverables, reputation, fame, etc.

Hiring employees with fake experience and identity in hurry can lower your company’s reputation and efficiency as well. Meanwhile, on the other hand, an employee with verified history gives you clear statistics of his/her performance which helps you to make a great decision. Employees with verified history have a proven track record of efficient work, skills, and performance, and hiring such employees will always improve the company’s productivity and profits.

With our advanced background check services, you can meet your desired candidates who fulfill all your hiring criteria. Verifying the candidature is not an easy task and the company’s HR or other employees are not able to do this with accuracy. This is why we have started providing these services to you without any hassle and at very reasonable prices.

What is in Advance Check?

There are many checks we perform in advance check to ensure full safety and reliability for the employers for selected employees. We don’t ignore even a small single thing; we cover everything to give you the most genuine verification reports in the shortest possible time. Here are the lists of checks we perform in advance background check or screening:

  1. Identity Check

Identity check is one of the most important things we have included in our list of advance check service. This is the most complex and important part of the hiring process of the employer. We take this very seriously and on our first priority to verify every single information provided by the employee to verify his/her identity completely. Employers can know everything about the employee through our advanced background check service.

Types of Identity Checks

  1. Identity Verification

Identity verification is a process of checking and verifying the ID provided by the employee exists or not. This includes the verification of the voter ID card, Passport, Aadhar card, PAN card, Ration Card, Driving License, Birth Certificate, and many more to match the data to verify whether it’s genuine or not.

  1. Identity Validation

In this, we check the documents provided by the employee are valid or not, in many cases employees provide expired or invalid documents. We do validate all documents provided by the employee to make sure it’s valid, updated, and genuine.

  1. Document Verification

Documents verification is a very important aspect to check and make sure that the provided documents are real and not fake. This requires a lot of analysis and verification with many authorities.

  1. Biometric authentication

We check the human characteristics by verifying their fingerprint, voice, retina, and face to check biometric authentication to complete the verification.

  1. Address Check

The address check is very important which helps employers to know about their employers better. Through address verification, we check all the present and permanent addresses provided by the employee to make sure those addresses are authentic and believable. When we get the crystal clear information then only we complete the address verification process. This is a great way to check whether your employee is good or not for the given position. Also, in case of any fraudulent activities, we can track the employee with their verified addresses.

  1. Education Check

Education check is very important to know the qualification of your employees for the given position to see whether s/he is actually suitable or not for the position. We check and verify all the degrees, diplomas, and certificates by contacting the schools, colleges, universities, institutions, etc. to make sure that the provided documents are genuine or not.

  1. Criminal Check

Criminal history check is one of the most important aspects of background verification and we do check the criminal history as well of the employees in our advance check service. Checking the criminal record of employees ensures that the person you are hiring is safe to join the company or not. If the person is involved with any fraudulent or criminal activities then you can search for another suitable option. This is the benefit of criminal checks, it saves time, money, efficiency, and most importantly, your company’s environment.

In our advanced background screening services, you are getting all the above-mentioned benefits in one package at very affordable prices and at the minimal time possible. Don’t forget to schedule a free demo check by calling Umalka at —.