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Global Database Background Screening Services Delhi NCR

Database Check is a way to check whether the candidate is involved or not in any kind of fraud or crime activities by checking the various country-specific or global databases. Employee’s background or database check verification can reveal all the information of employee if she/he has been involved in any kind of fraud or criminal activities such as legal, reputation or compliance issues, credit or loan frauds, litigation database, media database, or many more kind of criminal database verification to check whether the employee is a good fit for the company or not.

It is a great method to see the employee’s history to check if s/he is involved with any criminal activities in the past. Most of the time, employees don’t reveal this information at the time of joining the company to get the job. Such employees can cost big losses for the company if joined without a criminal database verification check. To save your important assets, information, employees, data, and work environment; you must have to check the criminal and fraud records of your employees before their joining to be sure that you have selected the right person for your company.

A company works very hard and spends a lot of time and money too to build a reputation in the market. Don’t let the fraud employees ruin the name of your company in the market just for saving some bucks. This is one of a kind of verification which is not included in any other verification check. This is an advanced process of employees’ background verification services.

Benefits of Database Verification Check

  • Database verification exposes and alerts employers to all the critical frauds and criminal activities done by the employee in the past. Though not all frauds affect the employers’ decisions some can affect. So, this saves employers from hiring an employee that could be a threat to the company.
  • The database check reveals the most important information of an employee which is not available in any other background verification checks.
  • Gives confidence to the employer that they are hiring a good character employee by checking the criminal database of the candidate and the shortlisted candidate has no criminal records.
  • This check gives confidence to employees as well as he is not involved in any criminal activities means he can be a good asset for the company with proven background history. Nowadays, a lot of companies are opting for database verification checks of their employees before letting them join and the number is increasing quickly for this verification.
  • Database checks are substantial in the case of international hiring and an important aspect of foreign recruitment.

Types of Database Checks

Database checks vary with the country’s laws and employers can check these databases accordingly that may affect the decision of employers at the time of hiring.

  • Litigation Database

The litigation database showcases all the lawsuits, legal disputes, cases, charges, or legal proceedings that may have been related to the applicant in the past.

  • Criminal Database

The criminal database provides information of the employee whether he/she is involved in any criminal activities or not in the past. This also reveals whether any criminal case is filed against the employee or not in police or court.

  • Compliance Database

Compliance database informs companies that if the employer has done any offense or unlawful activity against the company’s rules, laws, regulations, guidelines, etc. If an employee does not comply with the rules and regulations of the company, it means the person is not a good fit.

  • Credit Database

Credit database provides information on the financial or credit-related fraudulent activities done by the employee in the past.

Other Databases

  • Media Database
  • FBI Database
  • OFAC Database
  • Defaulter’s list – Reserve Bank of India
  • Blacklists of Institutions of Organizations

Why Choose Umalka?

As per Indian laws, companies who are conducting background or database verification checks take explicit consent from employees to proceed further with the verification checks.

Most databases and information are confidential and not available for the public or any organization’s access. We at Umalka have access to various databases which many companies require to verify their employees before their joining. We are known for providing the best database verification services for various companies and helping them in hiring the best employees to ensure business growth.

Our team of professional experts is very well known for all the procedures of various database checks. So, feel free to dial —- to conduct a free demo test of our background verification services