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Employee Drug Check 

Employee drug testing is used to make workplace drug and alcohol-free. In many companies, drug testing is a part of the recruitment process to check whether the employees are taking drugs in any form or not. However, drug check clearly depends upon the state laws and company policies. Employees with drugs are permitted only in the states where the government has allowed using drugs at the workplace, but if the state government is not allowed then you cannot use the drugs and alcohol in any way.

There are many verities available for drug and alcohol testing used by employers in different states. There are many ways which we use to perform drug testing of employees, commonly used methods are blood drug test, urine drug test, hair drug test, breath alcohol test, saliva drug test, and sweat drug testing.

However, currently, there is no policy to determine the behavior of an employee before and after drug tests; that’s why a clearly written drug test policy is important to share with all the employees before conducting. There are chances that many people are not comfortable for the same without any prior notice or information. In fact, there are many companies that are offering EAP (Employees Assistance Program) to help employees to who may have some drug or alcohol issues to make them normal.

Why Employers Do Drug Test?

Alcohol and drug abuse create several safety and health risks which may cause low productivity and down employee morale. There are many reasons for which companies do drug tests of the employees; some companies do this as part of their policies, some to eliminate the extra costs of insurance and health care claims because of drug and alcohol habits.

Here are some common reasons why employers do drug test of the employees:

  • To prevent employees from abusing, misbehaving, or other for safety concerns caused by the usage of drugs or alcohol.
  • To prevent hiring employees who are using or taking illegal drugs.
  • This also helps employers to identify the employees early and appropriately whether they have drug/alcohol addiction or problems.
  • To provide a safe and healthy workplace for employees.
  • To protect the common public and encourage customers confidence that people are working safely in the company.
  • To comply with the state laws and regulations.
  • A strict drug testing policy improves the quality control process.

Features of our Drug Testing

There are several features drug testing has according to the state and country’s specific laws and regulations. Here are some features of our drug testing:

  • It’s a strict process of improving quality control.
  • The drug test assures that the workplace is safe and secure for working.
  • Drug test helps to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • We provide trained and board-certified drug testing reports to our clients.
  • Records and imaging are kept electronic.

We do provide health and background screening services as well when requested.

When drug tests are conducted?

There are many circumstances responsible for an organization to conduct a drug test. Some of them are listed below:

  • Pre-employment:

Pre-employment drug testing is used to avoid hiring employees who use or take drugs illegally. It usually organized after the consent of the employee and when a conditional offer of employment has been made. If employees agreed to be tested as a condition of the employment or hiring process then only it takes place and if an employee is unable to provide a negative report, s/he is unable to join the company.

  • Reasonable Suspicion:

Reasonable suspicion testing is conducted on a “probable cause” or “for cause” basis when supervisors or management notices the signs and symptoms of usage of drugs or alcohol or violation of the drug-free workplace policy. However, it is very important to describe and let every employee of the company known that what are the causes will be considered as a violation of drug-free workplace policy to conduct the employee’s drug check.

  • Post-accident:

In case of any property damage or personal injuries, it is important to perform a drug test to check whether drugs or alcohol may have a cause or not. This clarifies a lot of things such as treatment, payment of medical care bills, medical claims, involvement and removal of someone from the scene, etc.

  • Periodic

Periodic testing is conducted at regular intervals which need to be mentioned by the company clearly and should be shared with all employees.

  • Random

Random testing is used by the companies to check their employees are taking drugs/alcohol or not to ensure that the workplace is safe for everyone. Generally, this test is conducted by generating random names through a computer program or software.

There are many more types of drug testing conducted by the companies under various circumstances. We are providing drug check services to help companies hire the best employees to increase business productivity, efficiency, and profits.

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