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Education Verification, Education Background Check Delhi NCR 

Education is one of the most important aspects every individual utilizes to get a job in reputed MNCs. Hiring new employees clearly indicates business growth, which looks exciting; but, such expansion comes with great risk as well. One wrong hire can drastically ruin everything all your plans, dislocate operations and create erosion in the workplace. This is one of the worst nightmares of the hiring managers.

You must have defined some education criteria for various posts and positions and were dreaming to hire a person who is reliable, accountable, and loaded with skills to grow your company even better.

Due to the workload and hurry for hiring, employers would not be able to verify the education of an employee. When the productivity gets delayed and your team doesn’t deliver the projects on time; that clearly indicates the lack of knowledge, skills, and experience in the team.

When looking carefully at the candidate’s resume and educational qualification, you have seen that they might be lying. You will conduct the employee’s educational qualification verification to check whether the employee is educated or provided fake educational details?

In such scenarios, most of the time, employees have provided the wrong education qualification information to get the job. This is the biggest reason for not getting the performance you have expected from your employees.

Things are not as easier as it looks; it requires a lot of time, determination, and skills to hire perfect and reliable candidates for your organization. An educated employee has the potential skills that the company can capitalize on to meet the goals with optimum productivity.

What is Education Check?

Every company defines a minimum educational qualification for every job post or position. While hiring employees, verifying all the details of employees are very important to improve the process of hiring employees for your company. Education verification of employees is one of the most important factors and companies must be looking for these things while verifying the education of an employee:

  • Educational Degrees
  • Institutions attended
  • Years attended
  • Specific certifications
  • Specialized training
  • Other professional certificates/diplomas

Verifying employee’s education also helps to hire managers to spot the fake diplomas acquired from some fraudulent or 3rd party sources. While verifying the educational qualifications, most employees don’t even know what academic processes they have followed to get the diploma or certificate.

You can even approach us to verify the educational qualifications of all the employees of your organization if you are unable to do so.

Why Employee Education Verification is Important?

There are many aspects that indicate the importance of an employee’s educational qualification verification and let us explain all of it for you.

  1. Reduce the risk of hiring unprofessional or fraud employees

It’s very important for you to be responsible while hiring employees for your workplace. You should hire professional and verified employees to make sure that the chosen person is responsible and doesn’t indulge in any activities that can ruin the company’s safety and work environment.

This is why background screening is very helpful to uncover all the details of a person to measure whether he/she will be a good fit or not.

  1. Ensures the candidate has all the required educational qualifications

Conducting a background check assures you that the chosen candidate has all the necessary educational qualifications which your company asked for. If an applicant doesn’t have the necessary qualifications, expertise, knowledge, and experience, then that person won’t meet your expectations and cannot deliver reliable performance as well.

  1. No more employees with fake education degrees or qualifications

With the educational qualification verification of employees, you can easily avoid the people provided the fake educational documents to get the job. This will saves a lot of your time, money, and many more benefits.

  1. Encourages positivity and efficiency to improve the work environment

A team of educated and qualified employees helps to improve the work environment by encouraging positivity and efficiency between everyone. An educated employee has the ability to react according to the situation and can manage all the things in a proper way.

Why Choose Umalka?

The main purpose of education verification is to check the authenticity of the educational documents provided by the candidates. To verify the authenticity of the documents, we directly contact the university, institute, or school to check whether it’s genuine or not.

Umalka has a verified and educated team of professionals who are well known for the full procedure of educational qualification verification. We are providing the best education check services at the most affordable prices and shorter turn-around-time as well. This helps to increase the efficiency and profits of your company as well.

Feel free to contact Umalka today at — to conduct a free demo test.