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Every company wants to hire the best employees to make their company the most reputed in the industry. But how the social media search can help companies to hire the best employees? There are several verifications, check, and tests are conducted to hire the most skilled employees for every role. A company invests a lot to perform the background checks of their employees, but there are still some problems the company needs to deal with many employees, but why?

At the time of the interview, the hiring manager might have seen the experience, knowledge, and performance of the employee as excellent. Maybe the employee has a good track record and the hiring manager found good reviews and work history as well. The companies are investing so much time, efforts, and money in conducting pre-employment background screening and so many checks.

But a very important thing most companies avoid during the recruitment process is; social media search of the employees. We will be letting you know how good and beneficial this service is for every company?

What is Employees Social Media Search or Screening?

Employees social media search is also a type of background screening companies are conducting nowadays to hire the best employees. A company does this check for several reasons; the most important is to figure out whether the person will be a good fit or not for the company.

The social media presence of a person speaks a lot about the person. The lifestyle, personality, and thoughts of a person can be easily predicted through social media analysis or checks. The more great and appealing your social media channels are, the more chances for you to get a job easily.

What platforms do employers check?

There are many social media platforms available online but the most prominent ones are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Most companies check the same social media profiles of their employees to make sure that the company has chosen the right fit or not. Employers check these famous social media platforms to see your posts, photos, and whatever content you have shared on these platforms to see whether the person is a good fit or not for the role he/she applied.

What companies look for in social media check?

Social media platforms are great to connect, talk, learn, share, and earn money, knowledge, skills, and fame. While verifying the social media profiles of an employee; companies are very professional and organized nowadays. Every company wants to hire perfect employees for multiple roles to deliver all jobs on time with excellent results.

There are several things a company considers while finalizing an applicant for the job. Here are some things that are considered as red flags in social media check:

  • 60% of employers didn’t like employees involved in taking drugs, alcohol, marijuana, etc.
  • Almost 50% of employers avoided candidates who is involved in political or other types of rant online.
  • Almost 48% of recruiting managers and HRs don’t like to hire people making grammatical and spelling errors in their posts.
  • Almost 35% of companies avoid hiring people who are showcasing photos and videos of alcohol-consuming activities online.
  • Almost 20% of people are avoided by the HR or recruiting managers just because of showcasing their wealth and show-off of their luxury.
  • Almost 16% of people don’t like to hire people who are posting or sharing photos on social media with revealing or short outfits.
  • Almost 12% of recruiters think that limited social media presence of a person means that person is not much dynamic.

There are many more reasons a recruiter takes into consideration while assessing the social media profiles of applicants. Social media check is a great way to see the real character and identity of candidates which are hidden behind a professional CV or cover letter.

What recruiters like while checking the social media profiles of an employee?

A company loves hiring talented people and while conducting social media checks, you might be shortlisted if you are showcasing these things in your social media profiles to your connections.

  • Your written and designing skills or work (almost 65% recruiters looking for this).
  • Volunteering, mentorship work, engagement with non-profits, etc. (almost 60% recruiters looking for this).
  • Your creativity of creating content in written, graphics, or videos (almost 55% of recruiters looking for this).
  • Mutual connections also matter (almost 35% of recruiters looking for this).

This is why it’s very important for recruiters to look for social media verification of all current and upcoming employees.

Why Umalka?

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